Houston is a city found in the state of Texas, which is in the southern region of the United States of America. Houston is the most populated city in Texas, and the fourth most populated city in the country. The city was founded in the year 1836 on a six acre piece of land near the headwaters of Buffalo Bayou. The piece of land was acquired by two brothers, Augustus C. and John K. Allen on August 30th in the same year.

Texas was, by then, a republic on its own headed by its first president Sam Houston. When Houston was incorporated to become the capital, it was named after this leader due to his great achievements in the Battle of San Jacinto, 25 miles east of Houston. Shortly after this, seven local businessmen formed the Houston Chamber of Commerce that launched the city’s economic stability that still prospers to date. From then on, development spread widely. The city’s initial railway, the Buffalo Bayou, Brazos and Colorado went into operation. Houston went on to become an economically stable city.

In early 1901, the financial prosperity was further surged by discovery of oil reservoirs in the region. As a result of that, Houston’s economy currently is home to a broad spectrum of industries. The city is involved in the energy market, the manufacturing sector, aeronautical divisions and transportation sectors. Due to this phenomenon, the city is home to a vast population of various ethnic and religious backgrounds. Houston hosts a large international community that is growing by the day.

With all the development that came along to Houston, the education sector was not one to be ignored. Currently there are four separate and distinct universities situated in Houston. The University of Houston is nationally renowned as a tier one research university. Also, there is the Texas Southern University, located in the iconic community of Third Ward. A few private tertiary institutions also thrive in the area. Such include the Rice University, a leading teaching and research centre ranked 17th in the country. Education for children in Houston is also well tended to. The city has an encouraging number of preparatory schools and elementary institutions that cater for the young Houston generation before they join universities and colleges.

Houston also has the Texas Medical centre that is one of the world’s largest research and healthcare institution. This centre has two medical schools, four nursing schools, and schools of dentistry, public health and pharmacy. It is known that more heart surgeries are performed here than any other institution elsewhere in the world.
Tourists also have a pleasant experience in Houston, though it does not seem like a tourist attraction site to the locals.

To learn more about the top neighborhoods in Houston – the Houston Visitors centre offers all that the city stands for, including the cultural arts, the rich history, information on economy and the education system. There is the famous George Bush monument, made out of bronze. There is also the Downtown Aquarium that offers a fun filled experience for the whole family with an underwater complex and various species of aquatic life.

Variety of Air Plants In Containers

Commonly referred to as air plants, Tillandsia is actually the largest genus in the Bromeliaceae family with more than 540 species of the approximately 2,500 species of Bromeliaceae. Native to the warmer forests, deserts and mountains of South and Central America, these species of plants grow without soil. In fact they use their roots to attach themselves to other trees and rocks while absorbing nutrients and moisture through their leaves. This makes them perfect house plants, plus they are hardy and require way less attention than most house plants. Plantstr’s Tillandsia air plants grow way different than most house plants, so taking care of them can be confusing especially for beginners. The most crucial requirements for air plants are water, good air circulation and bright light.

1. Light 

If you plan to place them in your home or office, then you must make sure that you provide them with correct moisture and enough light to keep them healthy. In fact a west, east or south window should be a perfect position for this plant, but make sure you provide them with filtered sunlight or bright light. If this is not possible you can use a broad-spectrum fluorescent light just like the aquarium light. Remember fresh moving air is actually advisable and the stiffer or thicker the leaves, the more white or gray their color are, the more light the plants will require. Air plants do well in the outdoor environment, but they should be under a shade and not in direct sunlight.

2. Ventilation

Tillandsia air plants love fresh moving air, so it should be placed in a well-ventilated region. The air movement dries the air plant between watering and this helps prevent over-watering or diseases.

3. Water

These plants need a watering schedules of between 2-4 times per week but it should be watered more often because of the drier and less humid air which is caused by heating or air-conditioning. In drier climates, these plants should be watered frequently. Air plants grown in humid-outdoor environment must be watered thrice every week.

4. Temperature

These plants are very tolerant to a wider range of temperature, in fact most species can easily withstand the freezing temperatures. Although the preferred temperature is about 70 Fahrenheit with shade, air circulation and water. They also do well in in areas of about 90 Fahrenheit.

5. Fertilization

If you want to have a happy and healthy plant, make sure you fertilize it at least once every month. This is because they are capable of capturing and holding nutrients with their trichomes, plus they have a propensity to be very sensitive to over-fertilization. Make sure you use a high quality water or liquid soluble fertilizer with a low formulation in copper (high level of copper are very toxic to these plants). Although fertilizing isn’t necessary for survival, it will increase the growth rate and vigor of the plant.

6. Mounting the plant

These plants can be mounted onto anything from coral, seashells, driftwood, lava rock, crystals and manzanita using non-water soluble-glue like liquid nail or silicon caulk. Begin by setting the plant on a prospective mount and place some glue on the mount before placing the plant on the glued region. Larger plants can be supported using a fishing line until it dries up. You can finally cover the glue using sand or sawdust.


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Condo owners and real estate agents should hire someone who specializes in ranking real estate websites rather than have their work outsourced to inexperienced workers.

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Finding Great Miami Beach Condos For Sale Can Be Easy


yacht_condos It is important to realize that there are great Miami beach condos that you can rent to have a wonderful vacation in one of the best cities in the world. While it may seem as though there are only Miami condos for sale, there are rental properties available, if you are willing to look for them. A professional real estate agent like Josh Stein a realtor in Miami can help you find the perfect vacation rental to suit your needs.

There are many benefits to renting one of the luxury condos that are available. They will come fully furnished and have everything that you need to be able to have a great weekend with your family. Every member of your family will be able to relax in their own space when needed and be able to spend time together, as well.

The South Beach condos also have fully working kitchens. That means that your family can prepare meals at the condos whenever they choose. If you are trying to find places to cut costs, this can be a great way to do it. You will not have to worry about what your family is eating, as well. You can prepare the freshest foods possible using the ingredients that you chose to buy. Having control over what your family eats will ensure that the chances of someone getting sick are limited.

Josh Stein can help you find the perfect accommodations to suit your needs. It is often recommended to book your vacation destination at least six months before you actually choose to go on vacation. This ensures that you do not have to worry about anyone else booking the home that you want to book. The realtor in Miami will also be able to let you know if there are any fees associated with canceling your reservation. While no one plans to have to cancel their vacation, there are times when things come up and may cause you to have to miss out on your big plans. Working with someone that knows the ins and outs of Miami beach condos will ensure you are not going to be out any money.

Would you like to swim in a heated pool with the stars above you? Perhaps, you would prefer to go to the beach in the middle of the day and then run into the ocean. The good news is that you do not have to choose one over the other. Further, you can also enjoy that and much more when you find the right luxury condos to tour. When it comes to touring the best luxury Miami beach condos, you will be amazed by the views, floor plans, high-end finishes and community features.

There are many properties on today’s market, and the luxury South Beach condos and pre-construction condos built by builders like Image Construction Company are designed for the easy living lifestyle that you and your family want. The only thing you need to do is tour them. You will find that the best ones have private terraces, amazing views and have private beach access. So, if you are looking to enjoy the amazing weather at the pool or on the beach, you will find exactly that when you tour the properties with an experienced realtor Miami.

How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you need? You need to think about that and the square footage you want too. This is important information to give your real estate agent. This information will help him to narrow down your Miami condos for sale choices. Thus, your tours will be more rewarding.

There are many things to go over when you speak to your agent. For example, you may want a luxury condo that features hardwood flooring and crown molding. You may also want the condo to have a den. As you tour the condos, you will have many questions. Do not hesitate to speak up. An experienced agent will be able to tell you about the schools in the area, shopping and dining. So, enjoy your tours with your agent and take your time on them. Before you know it, you will have found the right place to call home.

When you move in, you will be thrilled that you have a luxury home that you and your family can enjoy. Talk to an agent today about luxury Miami beach condos. You will be glad you did.

Millions of people, tourists and non, are attracted to Miami for the entertainment, for the beaches and for the business opportunities that the city has to offer. Far from being a boring city to live in, Miami is a perfect example of the cultural melting pot that represents America in its whole. From Little Haiti to Little Havana, Miami is a multicultural oceanfront city with a lot of variety and character. Here are three reasons to consider visiting and buying propriety in Miami.

Investing in a Condo

Ever since the housing bubble burst in 2008, the condo business in the Miami area has ground to a stop. However, the recovery has started again and a new wave of customers is giving new life to the city with a boom in condo sales. In many ways, this is the perfect time to buy a propriety in Miami. There is a wide variety of choices among all the properties unsold realtor Miami with the crash, the costs are still relatively low and are bound to rise in value in the next years. The following website is excellent for finding and comparing some of the most desirable Miami Beach condos.

The Beach-life

Miami is to beach-life what Hollywood is to movies. Some of the most famous, iconic and fun resorts and beachfronts in the world are situated in Miami. One can go water-skiing, enjoy the sun at one of the many resorts or dine at a hip lounge bar overlooking the ocean. The entertainment options and relaxation options are endless, with golf courses, spas and amusement parks.

The nightlife in Miami condos for sale is legendary and South Beach is the center of it, with exclusive clubs and hip partying hotspots that are known worldwide.

The Culture

One of the things that make Miami special is the fact that the city is a melting pot of styles, ethnicity and cultures for luxury condos. The Little Havana district gives the visitor a taste of the authentic Cuban art and style, while the area of Wynwood is the art heart of the city, with countless art expositions, concerts and workshops. All in all, Miami is one of the most interesting and pleasant cities in the USA and remains possibly one of the best locations to spend holidays, conduct business or invest in propriety. View South Beach condos for great guide to the various areas and hotspots.

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